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WebWatcher allows you to control your computer silently
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Protect all your computers and laptops. Know exactly what they do on your home or office computer, prevent them from doing things they shouldn't do and monitor it all from anywhere, even if you are not there.

WebWatcher is the best keylogger for Your PC or laptop because it lets you remotely ensure that there is no inappropriate activity taking place on your computer without your knowledge:

-See all Facebook and Myspace activity to identify any potentially dangerous relationships or activities your children are engaged in.
-Read every email sent or received on your PC to further ensure that your children are not communicating with people you deem inappropriate.
-See all Instant Message and Chat (both sides of the conversation) to limit exposure to potentially dangerous people.
-Monitor every website visited on your PC to help enforce your family's internet rules.
-See every web search performed and what links were clicked to better understand the issues your family is facing.
-Capture every keystroke to ensure that you're aware of all of your children's activities.
-Take Screenshots of your computer screen giving you context for your children's activities.
-Be notified when alert words signifying inappropriate activity are used.

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